Cook Street Mini Mart

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Specials  15th to 31st May 2013

Uttam 30 pack Chapatti


uttam chapatti

Extra Hot chilli Powder 1kg


extra hot chilli

Chai Gold Phone card

3 for $25
$5 card free

chai gold2

Cow& Gate 2ltr Milk

2 for $4.99
Conditions apply

cow n gate


We Cook st mini mart is much more than just a corner dairy. We are a gateway to a whole new world of cooking possibilities. Come on in and experience a range of amazing Indian food you never dreamed existed.

“you’ll find everything is so different here, and so spicy. Real authentic Indian food!” says our customers.

The shopping at the mini mart is as flexible as it is plentiful.

“whatever your situation, you’re all set,” says our customers

We source our product from all parts of India, Pakistan, Fiji and Sri Lanka.

Enjoying the best Indian food has never been so easy. Visit our store.. and explore the taste of India.

Range of products

Have a recipe to cook then find all the raw spices, dals, lentils.

Recipes with spice mix still cooking from scratch.

Instant mixes just add vegetables and meats.

Ready to eat curries, naans, sweets & snacks.

Accompany with papadums, pickles, dips, sauces, rice, yoghurts.

Fresh & Frozen tropical and local vegies.